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EBOE Selects Rosa E. Moreno Ortega as President, Iliana Chevres as Vice President at Reorganization Meeting

EBOE Selects Rosa E. Moreno Ortega as President, Iliana Chevres as Vice President at Reorganization Meeting
Chevres, Charlene B. Dorgely, and Stephanie Goncalves Pestana begin new 3-year terms

The Elizabeth Board of Education held its reorganization meeting on January 5, 2022 on a virtual platform.

For the selection of the new Board President, Board member Dorgely nominated Moreno Ortega, who was unanimously voted in as President. Chevres was selected for the Vice President seat, voted in unanimously following a nomination by Diane Barbosa.

New Board President Moreno Ortega thanked her family for their support and her Board colleagues for their trust and support in taking on this responsibility. She shared her two priorities for 2022, which are closing the achievement gap through providing a high standard of education during evolving circumstances and maintaining the safest and healthiest instructional environment possible to protect the wellbeing of all members of our learning community. She also mentioned the importance of continuing to support our teachers and administrators as they determine new and innovative ways to provide our students with high quality instruction while navigating these challenging circumstances. Finally, Moreno Ortega thanked the entire Elizabeth community and pledged to do everything she can to ensure EPS students receive the excellent education they deserve in the safe environment they deserve.

New Vice President Chevres thanked all the City of Elizabeth residents who have supported her and have given her the opportunity to serve another term on the Board and congratulated her fellow Board members Dorgely and Goncalves Pestana for also being elected to serve another term. She looks forward to working with the Board to ensure there is open communication, collaboration, and equal opportunity for all students and members of our school community. Chevres also thanked her family and friends for their support in making her service on the Board possible. Finally, she stressed the importance of working together and being united as a community to ensure every student receives an equal education and that every member of the school community is safe.

Board Members Charlene B. Dorgely and Stephanie Goncalves Pestana, who were elected to their fourth and third terms respectively, acknowledged the many people who have believed in and continued to support them, including their families, Board colleagues, members of the Elizabeth Public Schools learning community, and greater community. Dorgely expressed her gratitude for the journey she has been on with the Board as she enters her tenth year of service, the lessons she has learned, and her hope to continue speaking the truth and being the voice for those who she represents. Goncalves Pestana shared that with the pandemic still having a hold on our community, she felt like unfinished business remained and was determined to work alongside the members of the Board once more to help Elizabeth’s schools and the members of the Elizabeth community rise again in serving a community that has given so much to her, one which she calls home.

New Jersey District 20 State Senator Joseph Cryan joined the meeting to offer congratulations to the Board, including the members who were reelected (Chevres, Dorgely, and Goncalves Pestana), the outgoing Board president (Jerry Jacobs), and the newly elected president (Moreno Ortega) and vice president (Chevres). Senator Cryan also commended the Board for the success they have been able to deliver with the resources available to them as well as a heartfelt thanks to the district leadership and team members for the work they do to provide an education to Elizabeth’s students, especially during the very challenging times during this pandemic.