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School 12 hosted our First Officer Appreciation Day


On May 17, 2019, School 12 hosted our First Officer Appreciation Day. Elizabeth Police Officers were honored when they were welcomed to our building with a standing ovation from our student body. As officers walked around the school students clapped and cheered in appreciation. Officers then ate breakfast with School 12 students that have shown exemplary character traits from our Character Education Program. At the breakfast we presented the officers with Baskets of Appreciation. Students donated various snack items to be included in the gift baskets for the officers to share with their precinct. Fourth Grade Students performed a tribute song and Power Point Presentation especially written to recognize the courage, bravery, and commitment the Elizabeth Police Department has shown School 12. Tears filled the officers eyes as they listened to the powerful words the children sang. "I'm only one call away, I'll be there to save the day. Superman got nothing on EPD!" Middle school students hosted small group question and answer sessions with the Police Officers to ask about their police experiences and their concerns. The students had fun decorating Police Badges with words and pictures of appreciation which were displayed around our school. The Art Classes worked collaboratively to create police vehicle sculptures used as centerpieces. It was truly a schoolwide effort to honor our Elizabeth Police Department. We are looking forward to making this a yearly Elmora tradition.