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Nicholas S. LaCorte Peterstown School No. 3’s Multicultural Celebration


To Nicholas S. LaCorte Peterstown School No. 3’s Multicultural Celebration

     Radiant displays of culture celebrating the diversity of its students, staff and community, as well as exploration of communities from around the world, took place during a week-long celebration at Nicholas S. LaCorte Peterstown School No. 3.

     Students researched food, language, history, government, music, geography, and traditions from more than 25 nations and countries including Ecuador, Peru, Yemen, Italy, India, China, Japan, Colombia, Scotland, El Salvador, Brazil and Jamaica. Their creativity translated to elaborate displays outside every classroom, some with life-sized landmarks, realistic sculptures, original drawings, papier mache flowers, and full-sized flags. The halls served as a vivid backdrop to the Multicultural Parade held on Wednesday with more than 280 students holding signs and proudly waving the flags of the countries they represented.  Upper grades partnered with their younger peers – both in donning full, traditional dresses, and country colors. Students and faculty lined the halls, cheering as the procession moved throughout the building and then outside to awaiting parents and guardians.  Families were then welcomed to a workshop on diversity and inclusion which took place in our school courtyard.

The festivities culminated on Thursday and Friday with a show in the school’s gym. Students from kindergarten through seventh grade performed songs and dances representing cultural awareness and inclusivity. The performances were as eclectic as the student population and included “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from the blockbuster Disney Film Encanto, which is set in Colombia, and “Adagio from concierto de Aranjuez,” solo by one of our 8th grade students inspired by the history of Spain.

     The school staff had an additional celebration that spoke to the international language of an important part of all cultures: food. Organized by the Multicultural Committee, a team of 15 staff members who was also responsible for organizing all the events, represented the majority of researched countries and included pupusas from El Salvador, Colombian empanadas, sushi from Japan and Italian pasta.