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Elmora Troopers Visit Gov. Murphy


Earlier today, Governor Phil Murphy, the First Lady and New Jersey State Police had the opportunity to host and speak with the 2019 12 year old New Jersey State & Mid-Atlantic Regional Champions, Elmora Troopers of Elizabeth, NJ.  The event took place at State Police Division Headquarters, where the team shared their tremendous experience, after finishing 4th in the country during the Little League World Series, which was hosted in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Col. Patrick Callahan then provided a tour of the Museum, where he shared the rich history of the Outfit.  Coach Labrador, the coaching staff and players also provided both Gov. Murphy and Col. Callahan team shirts and hats, making them feel part of the team.  And to those interested in knowing, YES the players demonstrated the famous "Jersey Shake;" which even major leaguers have been seen dancing!