School 4 Transportation Shuttles information 2024-2025

  • Kindergarten through 1st grade transportation shuttles to New School 4 (Formally known as Benedictine Academy)

    School 4 Annex

    Pick up location 1:  Grier Ave & Grove St. 

    Pick up time: 7:40AM  

    Pick up location 2:  Rahway Ave & Grove St. (Walgreens)

    Pick up time: 7:56AM


    2nd through 8th grade transportation shuttles to New School 4 (Formally known as 82 annex 501 Union Avenue)  

    School 4 Main

    (Please allow 10-15 minutes window for pick up.  Times are estimated)

    Route# 4X.01A bus stops: (Durham)

    Jefferson Ave & Dickson St    7:56am

    Murray St & Chilton St            8:00am

    Route# 4X.02A bus stops: (Durham)

    East jersey St & Prospect St   8:00am

    Route# 4X.03A bus stops:  (Durham)

    Rahway Ave & Chilton St         8:00am  

    Prospect St. & Elizabeth Ave.  8:08am

    Route# 4X.04A bus stops:  (Shore Vans bus)  

    South St. & Rosehill Pl.            8:00am

    Route# 4X.05A bus stops: (Shore Vans bus)    

    Pearl St. & Washington Ave     8:00am

    Route# 4X.06A bus stops: (Shore Vans bus)      

    S. Broad St. & Grove St.          8:00am  

    South St. & Liberty St.             8:04am

    Route# 4X.07A bus stops: (Shore Vans bus)    

    Williamson St. & Grove St.            8:00am  

    Williamson St. & Montgomery St.  8:02am

    Route# 4X.08A bus stops: (Durham)      

    Williamson St. & Norwood Terr.     8:00am

    Parents must register students to ride the bus with the school or the transportation office.

    For further information, please email 

    **Routes subject to change**